19ct Genuine Finnish Spectrolite freeform cabochon

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This stone has been polished flat only on the top, with a slight bevelled edge to maximize colour

Spectrolite is a semi-precious gem stone that belongs to feldspars. It is only found in south-eastern Finland in a condense area and in very tiny pockets scattered around Finland. Spectrolite was discovered by accident in 1940 during the Second World War, when stones were being quarried along Finland’s eastern border to form antitank obstacles.

 The iridescent play of colors, or flash of Spectrolite is directional and will flash on and off as the stone is rotated. When the color flash is off the appearance of the stone will be black with a silvery shimmer.

Note! Do not use ultrasonic cleaning for spectrolite because of its lamelled structure and avoid cleansing of spectrolite in salt. Spectrolite is best cleaned with a soft brush under running cool water

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Inventory Last Updated: May 26, 2022